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Rival Rides

Content Creator Program

If you're a content creator and want to make a video or review about Rival Rides on social media. Fill out the form to be eligible for a review key.

Unleash your creativity and join the Rival Rides Content Creator Program! Step into two dynamic tiers, Bloops Novice and Bloops Master, and enjoy a range of exclusive perks from VIP Discord status to game keys, merchandise, and early content access. You'll also get the opportunity to design your own costumes and see your videos promoted by our team. So why wait? Start your Rival Rides journey today and amplify your reach in the gaming community!

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Tier 1: Bloops Novice

Embrace the world of Rival Rides as a Bloops Novice! Gain access to exclusive perks, creator support, and the chance to grow alongside our burgeoning gaming community.

Dev Support

Benefit from our development team's support for graphics and guidance.

Free Keys

Share the fun with your community with complimentary Rival Rides game keys.

Access to free merch

Flaunt your love for Rival Rides with our exclusive merchandise.

Discord VIP

Join our VIP circle on Discord and enjoy elevated interactions.

Tier 2: Bloops Master

Elevate your creator journey as a Bloops Master! Enjoy advanced privileges including early content access, direct developer interactions, and unique opportunities to shine and prosper in the Rival Rides universe.

Monetary Prize

Stand a chance to win a monetary prize of $150 among our top 3 creators.

Early Content Access

Be the first to explore and share our latest content updates.

Direct Line to the Developers

Engage in exclusive Q&As, interviews, and more with our development team.

Video Promotions

Get a chance for your top TikTok videos to be promoted by our team, amplifying your reach.

Rival Rides Costumes

Top creators will be given the opportunity to create their own wearable cosmetic!

Rival Rides Future

Opportunity to vote in exclusive polls to shape the future of Rival Rides!

How To Join?

Applications will be reviewed based on their content quality, follower count, engagement rates, and alignment with Rival Rides' brand and community. Accepted creators will be notified and welcomed into the program.

Can I Lose My Bloop Messenger Status?

Yes, it is possible. If you halt the creation of Rival Rides content for a considerable length of time, you may eventually lose your Bloop Messenger status and the associated benefits. However, we understand that content creation is not always a smooth process and there may be periods of inactivity. This status removal only occurs if there's an extended hiatus in content creation.

Could I Be Featured in the Game?!

Absolutely! Our aim is to recognize and support VR creators. Depending on your tier, you could have your own unique costume in Rival Rides and even have the opportunity to influence future game developments.

I'm Not Part of the Program, Can I Still Create Content?

Of course! You're welcome to create Rival Rides content even if you're not part of the Bloops Messengers program. We only ask that you respect the guidelines of the platforms you're using for uploads. However, if you're already creating content about Rival Rides, why not become an official Bloop Messenger? There are nothing but advantages for you!

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