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Rival Rides: Meet the Tribes

Rival Rides Season 1: Tribe Wars is here! Get ready to pick a tribe and immerse yourself in the world of Rival Rides like never before. The season will last for three months, giving players plenty of time to compete and rise to the top.

The Yellow Bloops are the warriors. Brave and determined, they are the Blooplands' loyal protectors and always strive to keep the peace.

The Green Bloops are farmers. Honest and kind, they devote themselves to work the land and produce food and other crops.

The Red Bloops are the Bloopland’s monks. Spiritual and dedicated, they reside in monasteries and practice the bloop religion, which can be summarized in one sentence: “Be Bloop to each other”.

The Pink Bloops are the leaders. They make the rules and organize everything. They never forget to listen carefully to every tribe’s needs and wishes and make sure everyone is treated equally and fairly. No bloop is left behind.

The Blue Bloops are the scientists and inventors of Bloopland. Curious and analytical, they always question reality and research it, inventing new technologies and trying not to explode them.

The Purple Bloops are the land’s healers. Compassionate and kind, they take care of whoever needs physical or mental healthcare. They are also great musicians, who can play the most soothing melodies for bloops who need relaxation or just can’t fall asleep.



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