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Rival Rides Community Values

1. Respect and Tolerance: We believe in treating each other with kindness and understanding. Harassment, discrimination, or disrespect of any kind is not tolerated. Absolutely no slurs are allowed. We aim to promote a safe, tolerant, and accepting community.

2. Collaboration: We are a team. We support each other, share our knowledge, and work together to create the best possible experience for everyone in our community.

3. Creativity: We encourage innovation, creativity, and originality. We love when our members bring new ideas, content, and initiatives to the table.

4. Positivity: We strive to maintain an uplifting and positive environment. We believe in constructive feedback and healthy discussions.

5. Integrity: We act with honesty and uphold ethical standards. We are transparent and accountable in all our actions.

6. Inclusivity: Everyone is welcome in our community, regardless of their background, race, gender, sexual orientation, or abilities. We strive to make our space accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

7. Fair Play: Cheating or exploiting in-game glitches is not acceptable. We value fair competition and honest gameplay.

8. Appropriate Content: NSFW content, impersonating a moderator, slavery/holocaust jokes, drug references, account trading, and IP doxing (real or not) are strictly prohibited.

9. Adherence to Platform Rules: We expect all members to follow YouTube/TikTok Terms of Service and Policies. Violation of these rules may result in punishments. You can find the rules here:
  - [YouTube Terms](
  - [TikTok Terms](

10. Respectful Behavior: Administrators of the Creator Program reserve the right to remove any member negatively affecting the quality of the program, even if they’re not explicitly breaking the rules, at our discretion.

11. Upholding Rules' Spirit: There are no loopholes to the rules. "Technically it's not breaking the rules" will not be accepted and the intent/spirit of your actions are what matter.

By participating in the Rival Rides Content Creator Program, you are agreeing to uphold these community values. We're excited to have you join us in fostering a friendly, supportive, and respectful community environment.

Rival Rides 

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